CON404 Introduction to Biblical Counseling  (4 credits)C1

This course will introduce the students to principles and practice in Biblical counseling. This approach will bring a system of biblical truth that brings together people, their problems and the living God.

Course Title: Introduction to Psychology and Counseling (4 credits)


Textbook: Introduction to Psychology and Counseling: Christian Perspectives and Applications by Donalde Ratcliff, Frank B. Minirth, Frank B. Wichern, Paul D. Meier

Course Description: This standard introduction to psychology and counseling offers an explanation of classic theory and a holistic Christian view of humanity and counseling. The book includes over one hundred "spotlights" (brief essays featuring persons, ideas, and applications relevant to Christian counseling), copious illustrations, a glossary explaining technical terms, and thorough indexes. The text, organized according to the way introductory counseling courses are taught, serves as a helpful reference tool of enduring value.