Course image BIS773 Pastoral Epistles (4-credits)
Biblical Studies


A study focusing on the letters of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus based on the English text. Critical issues with regard to background, context, authorship and literary characteristics are presented, followed by a stress on the theology and contemporary application of their teaching.

The Pastoral Epistles are unique among those New Testament writings commonly attributed to Paul. Though they are addressed to individuals they convey general information about Church governance that is unique to these Pauline letters. They contain valuable insights both into the challenges facing the early New Testament Church, and those who were called to lead and minister in those early churches.

The Pastoral Letters abound with instructions and exhortations about sound doctrine, wealth and beneficence, leadership and church order. This course will also probe critical problems pertaining to authorship, historical background and the contemporary application of the teachings of these epistles.

Course image BIS393 Introduction to the Bible (4)
Biblical Studies

Course Title: Introduction to the Bible        (4 Credits)

Course Number: BIS393   +   (1 Credit 25-page Research Paper)

Textbook: Introduction to the Bible

Description: A Literary, Historical, and Contemporary Perspective of the Bible

Introduction to the Bible approaches the Bible by considering it from Introduction to the Biblethree different viewpoints: literary, historical, and contemporary. This unique approach underscores the dynamics of each view and the methods scholars have developed to study them.

Course image BNT102 Between the Testaments
Biblical Studies

BNT102 Between the Testaments (3)

This course connects the Old and New Testaments of the Bible to bring about a thorough understanding of timing in dealing with humankind.

Course image LMG112 Life Management God’s Way
Biblical Studies

LMG112 Life Management God’s Way  (2 credits)

Course Description: This course is the key to Christian Life Management God’s way. Bible students will find this course very enriching.

Course image NTS143 New Testament Survey (3 credits)
Biblical Studies

NTS143 New Testament Survey (3) This survey introduces the student to the New Testament itself, the life of Christ and the progress of the Christian faith. This is a preparation for further in depth study in the doctrine of the New Testament.

Course image NTS203 Intro to The Book of Acts (3)
Biblical Studies

NTS203 Intro to The Book of Acts (3 credits)

The book of Acts describes the establishment of the first churches and the spread of the gospel to the nations.  This course will provide an explanation in detail.

Course image BIS203 Old Testament Studies
Biblical Studies

Old Testament Studies is fascinating with biblical knowledge Christians and biblical students sometimes unaware of. This courses is designed to just that—to inform the students with a practical in-depth exposure. Students who intend to grow in the Lord will understand that their biblical bank would be lacking with the Old Testament studies. This is part one, Part two may important as well.

The objective of this course is to expose and inform the students to the Pentateuch in a practical way that will make impossible for the student not learn. After completing this course students should have biblical knowledge of how God works in various stages with the Patriarchs and in their lives and ministries.

Each student will identify the nature, theme, time; outline and purpose of each book’s content, and each student identify the message(s) of each book

Course image BIS333 Epistles to the Romans (3crs) S082415
Biblical Studies
Course: Epistles to the Romans (x2)

Course Number: BIS333

This course, Epistles to the Romans, generally considered to be Paul's most profound letter. In The Epistle to the Romans this course offers an exposition of Romans deeply penetrating in its elucidation of the text yet accessible to scholars, pastors, and students alike. 

The purpose and contents of Romans provides important background information on the church at Rome. This course provides a verse-by-verse exposition of the text that takes into account key problems that have emerged in the older and newer literature.