Students will work in approved Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings for children in infant/toddler care, preschool, or kindergarten under the supervision of early childhood Cooperating Teachers. Students will conduct an in-depth child study over the course of the 105 hours that they will spend at their practicum site during the semester. They will become "students of childhood" as they learn how to interpret and assess their observations of children in the seminar class. Students will create and manage a portfolio for a child.

 They will use portfolio information to generate invitations to learning and implement child-centered curriculum. They will make children's learning visible through learning story documentations and incorporate their own wondering as teachers. Their observations will be summarized in narratives outlining the children's growth in the various developmental domains. All of this will be used to plan and carry out two parent conferences. Video-capturing of practicum students in the action of teaching will be required.