Travel around the world from your computer and learn what these international university libraries have to offer.

  1. The University of Edinburgh. The resources here are available to the general public; however, most licensed electronic resources are not available to non-university people.
  2. The Library at UCD Dublin. While much of the information is restricted to either those associated with the university or visiting scholars, the general public can access electronic resources including eBooks, online reference sources, and more.
  3. University of Oxford Bodleian Library e-Resources. This library offers a good selection of resources available to all ranging from digital archives to research articles written by Oxford authors.
  4. Bibliotheque de la Sorbonne. Check out the electronic resources for the biggest selection available to the general public at this library. The site is completely in French.
  5. Free University of Berlin Universitatsbibliothek. Research 700 databases and 20,000 journals in this university’s digital library. The site is available in English, but some of the pages may only be available in German.
  6. Roskilde University Library. Of the open-access services available at this library, there is a good mix of information in both English and Danish.
  7. Stockholm University Library. Search the databases, e-books, and e-journals available at this library. Not all information is accessible by the general public, but what is available is clearly marked.
  8. University Library Ghent. This library in Belgium offers digital databases with historic photographs and more, a section with a five-year focus on architecture, and much more. Some of the site is available in English.
  9. Open University of Catalonia. Search for information in English, Spanish, or Catalan in this library that offers an online collection ranging across many topics including the arts, philosophy, labor sciences, law, marketing, tourism, and more.
  10. University of Zurich. This university has made several libraries and online databases available for use. There is a mix of resources in both English and German.
  11. National University of Singapore Libraries. Get links to information about Singapore from government to statistics as well as the ability to search the university databases.

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